Friday July 5, 2019

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Back Squat (3×3 (70-80-90%))

New strength program – Wendler

So, this is how it works. You take 90% of your current max and that is your working weight/base weight you do your percentages off of.

For example, let’s say an athlete’s 1RM is 300. The base/working weight is 270#.

3 @ 70% (270*70% = 190#)

3 @ 80% (270*80%) = 215#

3+ @ 90% (270*90%) = 245#

When you see 5+, 3+ or 1+, that means you do the max reps you can manage with that weight, with the goal of setting a rep record in each workout.

Bear Complex (5×7 Complex)

Power Clean
Front Squat
Push Press
Back Squat
Second Push Press
Do all 5 movements to complete 1 repetition of the complex.

Complete the complex 7 times, unbroken (without letting go of the bar or resting it on the ground) to complete 1 round.

Complete 5 unbroken rounds, increasing the weight and resting as needed between each round. Score is max weight used for your 5th unbroken round.