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Free CrossFit Class:

Whether you have lots of sports training experience or are just now getting out to the gym, believe us when we say CrossFit is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before − and our Free CrossFit Class is the place to start.

It’s your first step down a path to joining an amazing, supportive community that makes a huge difference in reaching your fitness and personal growth goals…and beyond.

This community provides an extra boost of motivation, fueled by a very positive and supportive attitude that combines fun with form, technique and supervision. It’s what causes our members to say things like, “I would go every day if I could,” and “You’ll never be bored by your workout again.”

New to CrossFit?

Your free HOTside CrossFit free trial lets us learn more about you and what you need from your workout, and it also helps you find out more about us. You’ll have your own trainer to take you through your own CrossFit lesson and answer your questions. And since most trial classes take place during regular gym hours, you’ll get a taste of our diverse, multi-level, and friendly community environment. You’ll also get in an awesome free workout!

Experienced CrossFitter?

If you are already experienced in Crossfit, come join any regular class on the schedule for free to check us out. Just message us to let us know when you’d like to come.

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