Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve done CrossFit somewhere else/ own on my own, do I have still have to take the intro session?

No, you don’t have to, but you’re welcome to take it if you wish. Some members find it a good way to see if our gym is a good match for your style.

I’m already in awesome shape so why do I have to go through the intro and on-ramp process before joining the group classes or becoming a member?

The Free Intro Class and Foundation sessions are required for anyone starting CrossFit for the first time, regardless of how fit they are.

Chances are, CrossFit is pretty different than other fitness or sports training programs you’ve been involved with. Our intro gives you the chance to see what Hotside CrossFit is really all about, to make sure it’s right for you and your goals. It also lets us determine your fitness level, experience, athletic background and potential familiarity with the equipment and exercises.

If you’re über-fit, then come on in and blow us away with your physical prowess. It should be easy, right?

Do I need to be in shape to start CrossFit?

Absolutely not. Our athletes come to CrossFit in all shapes and sizes, and from a variety of backgrounds, fitness levels and ages. Some are self-proclaimed couch potatoes, some get their exercise chasing their grandkids, some are insanely fit, some are former gym rats looking for a better workout, and others are seasoned athletes whose bodies have taken a beating over the years.

Whatever your fitness level, we’ll work with you to customize workouts that are appropriate for you and steadily build up from there. All you need to get started is a willingness to try, and a commitment to follow through. We’ll help you with the rest.

I am not sure CrossFit is right for me. How can I tell?

CrossFit isn’t for everyone. It’s definitely not for anyone looking for a quick fix or a shortcut to getting in shape. We believe you have to put in the work and the time, the blood, sweat and tears -– and that’s what makes the results you get so dramatic, and so rewarding.

We’re not just about building better bodies, but about building better people who lead happier, healthier, fuller lives. Sound like something you’d be interested in? Give it a try. But if you’re adverse to hard work, CrossFit probably isn’t for you

How is HOTside CrossFit different than a typical gym or other CrossFit boxes in the area?

CrossFit workouts do not involve repetitive motions that focus on one set of muscles completed on weight or elliptical machines, or in a spin, step or other typical classes you find at most gyms. CrossFit workouts incorporate functional movements you can apply to your everyday tasks, and vary them so your body continually adapts to meet new challenges. Under the guidance of our certified CrossFit coaches, CrossFit athletes complete workouts of the day (WODs) that are short, intense (scaled to your level of fitness and knowledge), and constantly varied. You’ll learn how to do Olympic lifting, weightlifting, kettlebell, dumbbell and gymnastics movements.

CrossFitters run, jump, climb ropes, row and lots more. Bottom line: prepare to work your butt off, but have a great time doing it!

HOTSide offers unique programming that accommodates each individual member in order to get the results each member is striving to achieve. All of our trainers are certified, and many have more than one certification, which makes our coaching staff very well rounded and very knowledgeable across many health and fitness domains.

The best way to experience HOTSide CrossFit’s unique and results-driven approach to fitness is to schedule a Free Intro session

What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is a general physical preparedness program for people of ALL fitness levels – from novice to uber-athlete and everyone in between. CrossFit is designed to build well-rounded, extremely fit athletes who can handle just about anything nature and their daily lives throw their way.

CrossFit is centered around three pillars: functional movements that mimic those found in nature and translate to your day-to-day tasks; variety that challenges you mentally and physically; and a steady build up to intensity of workout.

What is a class like?

Our classes can be pretty intense, definitely challenging, always varied and a lot of fun. Led by our coaches, classes look, sound and feel like high-energy athletic events –- lots of cheering, yelling, encouragement and maybe the occasional good-natured trash-talking.

Much smaller than your average gym class, our classes bring together folks from all walks of life in a supportive, motivating environment. And everyone in our classes gets a phenomenal workout – regardless of what kind of shape they’re in. That’s because, while all the athletes in the class do the same workout of the day (WOD), we scale the workout accordingly. Most of the WODs are timed -– creating a friendly competitive atmosphere that pushes our athletes to perform. Some WODs are maximum-effort that focus on strength-building. Either way, you’ll leave sweating, sometimes aching, but always feeling great about what you’ve accomplished and how much you’ve improved.

Can I try a class out to see if I like it?

If you are brand new to CrossFit, you are required to attend the free trial workout with one of our certified CrossFit coaches. This semi-private session will give you a great overview of what H.O.T.Side CrossFit is all about and what a typical CrossFit group class looks like. You’ll also get in an awesome workout! However, if you know you are ready to commit, just register for our Foundations program and we will get your new membership started right away!

If you are an experienced CrossFitter, you can drop in to one of our group classes. Please just call or email and let us know when to expect you!