Joining HOTside CrossFit


If you are an experienced CrossFitter looking to join our awesome HOTside community, you’re welcome to try any the classes on our schedule for a free trial class. Just message us to let us know when you’d like to come. After that, choose your membership level and you’re good to go.


For those new to Crossfit, the next step after your free intro class is our Foundations Program. This includes two trainer-led classes to personally familiarize you with typical Crossfit movements and prepare you for safety and success in the full CrossFit system.

HOTside’s supportive personal attention, instructor-led classes, nutrition information and encouraging, team-like atmosphere are all here to help propel you forward towards your goals.

The feeling of progress and success that CrossFit can give you is intoxicating, and fortunately it’s healthy too. Try a membership for a month and you’ll see what we mean!