What Is CrossFit?

What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is a workout approach that works for any starting level of fitness, with no prior experience or athletic skill required − yet it’s designed to quickly move you forward from your starting point into a place of greater strength, endurance, cardiovascular condition, agility, speed and more.

In fact, there are ten specific areas that CrossFit addresses − calibrated for your own level and pace − but you won’t ever be monotonously checking them off on a list. They’re embedded in CrossFit’s ever-changing activities and functional challenges.

Whether your goal is to lose that extra weight, tone muscle, or get into better overall condition − you won’t find a more comprehensive program that is also addictive and fun. And the motivation members get from working on fitness as a team, supervised by friendly and knowledgeable trainers to reduce the risk of injuries, keeps you on track to your goals and beyond.

Who comes to our CrossFit?

Regular neighborhood people of all types and ages. Okay, it’s true that CrossFit has been used to train special ops forces, martial artists, and professional athletes. But because it’s so scalable, it can work effectively for you, too. CrossFit members do share one thing in common − they’re ready to work hard to surpass their own previous best.

Come visit and give CrossFit a try! With our experienced staff, our warm, accepting atmosphere and great equipment, you’ll soon be faster, fitter, and stronger than you ever imagined.