How is HOTside CrossFit different than a typical gym or other CrossFit boxes in the area?

CrossFit workouts do not involve repetitive motions that focus on one set of muscles completed on weight or elliptical machines, or in a spin, step or other typical classes you find at most gyms. CrossFit workouts incorporate functional movements you can apply to your everyday tasks, and vary them so your body continually adapts to meet new challenges. Under the guidance of our certified CrossFit coaches, CrossFit athletes complete workouts of the day (WODs) that are short, intense (scaled to your level of fitness and knowledge), and constantly varied. You’ll learn how to do Olympic lifting, weightlifting, kettlebell, dumbbell and gymnastics movements.

CrossFitters run, jump, climb ropes, row and lots more. Bottom line: prepare to work your butt off, but have a great time doing it!

HOTSide offers unique programming that accommodates each individual member in order to get the results each member is striving to achieve. All of our trainers are certified, and many have more than one certification, which makes our coaching staff very well rounded and very knowledgeable across many health and fitness domains.

The best way to experience HOTSide CrossFit’s unique and results-driven approach to fitness is to schedule a Free Intro session